In March 2017 the Danish web site wrote an article about Fredros Gård and Nature Adventure. They were very satisfied with what they saw and experienced during their stay, and you can read more about it here! (NB! In Danish)

The Guardian

The internationally well-known newspaper The Guardian has placed our destination, Fredros Gård, on an honorable list over "10 of the best waterside holiday cabins in Europe"!

We are very proud of this recognition and think it's amazing that this little mill community keep attracting people from all over the world!


In 2012 the local newspaper Arvika Nyheter they wrote about Fredros getting a life-saving defibrillator. 

Click to enlarge the picture (NB! In Swedish)

Grand Travel Awards 2007

In 2007 the Nya Wermlands Tidning (a newspaper in Värmland) had a big coverage of Björn and Fredros Gård, since they had won a prestigious award in ecotourism.

Follow the link below to see the whole coverage on pages 16-17. (NB! In Swedish)

Ecotourism organizer of 2007

Being the winner of Grand Travel Awards, the magazine Safari did an article on Fredros Gård.

Follow the link below to see the whole article on pages 4-5.
(NB! In Swedish)