Driver's certificate course - Snowmobile/Four-wheeler

A driver's certificate is mandatory for driving a snowmobile and/or a four-wheeler if your driving license/tractor license is issued after January 1st, 2000.

In September 2009 The Swedish Transport Agency separated the joint course for snowmobile and four-wheeler into two separate courses. Fredros Gård educate on both types of vehicles and also have the examinations.

The only demand of you, as a student, is that you have turned 16 in order to complete the course, and that you don't have a (periodical) withdrawn driving license.

We offer a driver's certificate course for snowmobiles and four-wheelers, and it includes:
  • A two-day course on Fredros Gård.
  • The course consists of both theory and practical manoeuvre tests. 
  • Fredros Gård provide you with course material, equipment, vehicles and the examination.